Halal Reputation Management: combining individual and collective reputation management strategies

Halal reputation can be defined as a collective representation of the firm’s past actions & halal performance, and the firm’s future ability to meet halal requirements. Drivers of company’s halal reputation are halal authenticity; trustworthiness of a halal certification of origin; messages by company and supply chain partners; and messages by external stakeholders. Based on the drivers of company’s halal reputation, companies need to track their halal reputation performance and make this a key performance indicator of their business. Instead of a reactive system, based on contemporary compliance with the requirements of a particular halal certification body, towards a more proactive integrated approach of halal reputation management. Combining individual and collective reputation management strategies enhances both the risk avoidance and responsiveness during a halal crisis. Governments and halal certification bodies carry a heavy responsibility and obligation in limiting reputation damages to companies that have the right intentions with their halal assurance system.

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