Supply Chain Design

LBB helps companies in choosing the right design of their supply chain. A supply chain design provides an organisation with the control parameters for high performance supply chains. This design also anchors other important values, such as product quality & food safety, halal, corporate responsibility and sustainability, and risk & reputation management.

Purchasing Strategy & Design.
We assist companies in organising their purchasing function, namely their procurement policy, purchasing organisation, purchasing processes, and purchasing control. We furthermore facilitate in public and private tendering, shaping supplier and contract management, and streamlining procurement cooperation between organisations. A social contract, a separate contract in addition to the legal contract, is a new trend to establish with strategic suppliers covering how do we deal with each other in the day-to-day affairs, but also during a crisis.

Supply Chain Strategy & (Re)design.
We work with clients in the FMCG, industrial and logistics industry to delivering innovative supply chain strategies. We help companies reorganise their supply chain operations into a harmonious performance. In our supply chain (re)designs we ensure strategic fit and effective alignment between product-market requirements and supply chain design parameters. The economic impact of Covid-19 forces industries to redesign their sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution channels to create robust and resilient supply chains.

Risk and Reputation Management Strategy & Design.
Instead of a reactive system, based on contemporary compliance, we empower companies with a more proactive integrated approach to corporate risk and reputation management. Combining individual and collective risk and reputation management strategies enhances both supply chain robustness and responsiveness during a crisis.

Supply Chain Security Program.
The supply chain security program protects your goods and supply chain network from theft, pilferage, infiltration, and contamination. Policies and procedures are the backbone of the supply chain security program, supported by reviews and audits in the supply chain to ensure compliance.

Digitalisation of Supply Chains.
We help companies in their digital supply chain transformation, covering topics such as supply chain integration, automation, and use of big data. We work with clients from strategy up to implementation of digital supply chains. Currently we are implementing drone technology in warehouse environments.

Halal Strategy.
Our halal specialists help in the halal certification strategy, design of the halal assurance system, setting up of the internal halal committee, assessment of materials, and coaching in the implementation of the halal assurance system up to certification. We furthermore provide halal advisory services to your internal halal committee on a continuous basis. We have extensive experience with the Indonesian, Malaysian, OIC/SMIIC, and various other halal standards.

Halal Crisis Management.
We assist companies in their halal crisis management and aid in halal reputation repair. Halal crisis management is very different from a contamination issue. It requires specific actions, communication, and collaboration under extreme time pressure, in order to protect your corporate reputation. For global assistance call +60350219087/+31702500077 or email