Market Research

A fast evolving competitive landscape makes market intelligence more critical than ever before. LBB delivers companies and governments market insights and transform these insights into policy, strategy and action. We have targeted expertise in agri-food, halal, transportation, and logistics to help solve your toughest market intelligence needs.

Policy Recommendations. We help international, national and regional government authorities in making informed choices in the areas of agriculture, halal, transportation and logistics issues. We develop, implement and evaluate policy programs at local, national and global levels. With proper market intelligence, we lay a factual foundation for strategic choices.

Feasibility Studies. With expanding into new markets, making the right decisions about when, where, and how to go is crucial. We conduct in-depth feasibility studies to determine the viability of new projects and implications on the organisation and supply chain. Market intelligence helps in defining the right product and supply chain strategy for investments in new markets.

Second Opinion. The use of a second opinion is not limited to the medical world only, but also practiced in complex logistics and supply chain decisions. Certain decisions like the introduction of a new production line, factory, distribution centre, mergers and acquisitions, have major implications on the customer service and total supply chain costs. Before making extensive and radical changes in a logistics system or supply chain, an independent assessment makes better decisions possible.

Halal Cluster and Industrial Master Plan. Halal parks and halal zones are spatial clusters of several value chains in an industrial set up. We help companies and governments in the analysis and design of halal agri-food, industrial, logistics, healthcare, Islamic finance, and tourism clusters. Particular attention is paid to the topic of sustainability by design, by looking at achieving so-called ‘economies of chains’. This addresses not only the physical buildings in the park but also production and supply chains. We developed a new concept ‘Halal Park 2.0’, which is a better way of organising halal production and supply networks.

Halal Risk Report. The halal risk report provides essential halal risk and market intelligence for top management of brand owners serving Muslim markets. The halal risk report consists of a halal risk assessment (analysis of halal supply chain and value chain risks); halal risk and performance measurement (halal maturity, halal trust, halal reputation index, licence to operate, and halal rating); and conclusions and recommendations (key findings and action plan). The halal risk report is produced according to board meeting cycles.

Logistics and Supply Chain Benchmarking. We conduct logistics and supply chain benchmarking for manufacturers and logistics service providers. Benchmarking is a very effective method to gain insight into how other companies work, why they are successful and what methods they use to achieve this success.