About LBB International


LBB International is an independent supply chain strategy consultancy and research firm specialised in agrifood supply chains, FMCG supply chains, industrial supply chains, and logistics service providers. We have been the trusted advisor to private and public organisations on procurement, production and supply chain management. From our office in the Netherlands, Malaysia, and Indonesia we help our clients in supply chain analysis, supply chain design and market research.

Our Vision
To be the preferred consulting & research firm on supply chain matters.

Our Values

  • We are committed to give our clients the best advise as independent consulting & research firm
  • We conduct our operations with integrity according to the highest standards
  • We adopt the LTR (like-trust-respect) philosophy in our relationship with clients, suppliers, our staff and managing the company.

Our history

LBB International was founded in 2002 in the The Hague (the Netherlands), by Dr. Marco Tieman. He started LBB initially as a pure logistics consultancy firm. In 2003 the Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) office was opened, serving both Asia and the Middle East. Over the years LBB has broaden its focus to procurement, production and supply chain management. As a supply chain strategy consultancy and research firm, LBB has a 20-year track record in crafting supply chain excellence for our clients. LBB established two research centres, to develop new knowledge and advanced client solutions. The agrifood research centre has been focusing on agrifood supply chain design and agrifood clusters. The halal research centre has been focusing on halal  supply chain management, halal risk & reputation management, and halal clusters/ecosystems. Dr. Marco Tieman is the author of ‘Halal Business Management: A guide to achieving halal excellence‘.

We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements and build a firm that attracts and retains exceptional supply chain talents.


We work for large companies, governments, and non-governmental organisations. Since 2002, LBB has successfully completed more than 150 projects. Our projects are concentrated in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. LBB has been serving the world’s leading agriculture, food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, industrial park/zone, ports & shipping, airlines, and logistics companies.


Our international team consists of procurement, logistics, production, supply chain, financial, and halal experts. Our clients expect the best consultants, researchers, and excellent independent advice based on data and the latest insights. This is why our experts have a strong academic background next to solid industry experience. Some of us are still associated (part-time) with universities as academic and publishing in our expertise areas.


LBB has offices in The Hague (the Netherlands), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Bogor (Indonesia). However, through online consultation we are able to cover all corners of the World.