New international Halal Supply Chain Standards launched by OIC/SMIIC

Under the OIC/SMIIC three new international halal standards have just been published on Halal Supply Chain Management:

  • OIC/SMIIC 17-1:2020 Halal Supply Chain Management System – Part 1: Transportation
  • OIC/SMIIC 17-2:2020 Halal Supply Chain Management System – Part 2: Warehousing
  • OIC/SMIIC 17-3:2020 Halal Supply Chain Management System – Part 3: Retailing

More information on these standards, visit SMIIC.

This new international halal SCM standard is a game changer, as it facilitates organising global halal supply chains end-to-end. This new standard facilitates a transition from a product approach to halal towards a supply chain approach to halal, which is an emerging requirement. This new standard is a management standard, where you need to identify your own halal control points and control measures in your supply chain. LBB can help your organisation in developing the Halal Assurance System based on the new OIC/SMIIC 17:2020 series. This standard is important for halal product producers, restaurant/coffee chains, retailers, and logistics service providers.

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