Supply Chain Analysis

Supply chain analysis is the process of evaluating every stage of a supply chain. LBB helps companies improve supply chain performance, sustainability, transform business processes, develop in-depth analytics, and understand how synergy advantages can be achieved. Our highly experienced purchasing and supply chain analysts deliver results—from quick-win cost savings to long-term growth and value creation.

Purchasing Portfolio Analysis. We give clients a sharp image of their existing purchasing flows, namely: what has been purchased, where has been purchased, how has been purchased, why and for whom has been purchased, and by whom has been purchased. The intelligence from the purchasing portfolio analysis provides insight into cost reduction potential, supplier rationalisation, improvements to corporate performance, and better risk management.

Synergy. We help companies enhance value, improve operational efficiency, and cut costs by mapping and improving business processes. Processes are the link between business results and allocation and utilisation of its resources. We review your performance indicators to ensure you have the right cockpit of your organisation. Synergy is furthermore achieved through smart collaborations with other organisations and supply chains. LBB assists in bringing the right parties together, establishing a solid agreement through legal as well as social contracts.

Quick Scan. We support organisations in a diagnosis of their operational problems and provide a practical solution and action plan. LBB first of all assesses in two weeks the current operations to identify the true bottlenecks/problems. The next two weeks our supply chain analysts explore in-depth selected operational areas for solution directions. In the final two weeks, we draft together with the organisation an action plan to implement a most optimal solution.

Hygiene and Food Safety Audit. Hygiene and food safety is the foundation of product quality. On the basis of a professional checklist we assess your kitchen or production facility. This audit will cover areas such as personal hygiene, cleanliness of facility, processing and storage practices, as well as documentation. Excellence is awarded with a hygiene and food safety hallmark, valid for 2 years!

Halal Sourcing, Production, Logistics, Retail, HORECA, and Supply Chain Audit. We conduct halal compliance audits of food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production facilities, logistics facilities, retail, HORECA, and entire supply chains. Halal compliance of your end-to-end supply chain is an emerging requirement for halal industries serving Muslim (majority) countries, but also essential for better risk and reputation management of your halal (certified) brands.

Transforming your Supply Chain towards a Sustainable Supply Chain. Companies conducting international business will need to ensure their supply chains are in compliance with sustainability standards and guidelines, such as the United Nationals Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). Research shows that being proactive on sustainability, brings organisations advantages in terms of higher sales and corporate reputation. LBB supply chain analysts conduct supply chain audits to map current sustainability GAPs and craft a practical action plan to reach compliance.