Halal SCM workshop at UM Halal Research Centre

The University of Malaya Halal Research Centre (UMHRC) is organising a series of Halal Supply Chain Management workshops this February. The first workshop conducted by Prof. Dr. Marco Tieman was held on Saturday 15 February 2020, on the topic of Halal Supply Chain Management and Halal Logistics. This workshop with 25 participants from Malaysia, Korea, and Mexico was a great success. This workshop discussed halal supply chain management strategy, tactics and operations. Amongst others, the foundation of halal supply chain management, the halal supply chain model, and halal synergy was discussed. In the afternoon the focus was on halal logistics operations, covering the Malaysian halal supply chain management standard and the international halal logistics standard. Also the logistics service provider was discussed and the opportunities for logistics service providers to support the shipper supply chain.

The next workshops at UMHRC are on halal purchasing (22 February 2020) and halal risk & reputation management (29 February 2020). Halal purchasing is an important topic for producers and restaurants as purchasing is the most critical business function to ensure all ingredients are halal and halal compliance is embedded by the various supply chain partners. Halal risk & reputation management is for many companies a new area, helping companies protecting their brand and corporate reputation while serving Muslim markets. This workshop will dive into the world of branding halal, risk management in supply chains, reputation management, and halal issue & crisis management.

These workshops are based on the latest academic research in the area of halal supply chain management, halal purchasing, and halal risk & reputation management. To register for one of these courses, please contact UMHRC at umhalal@um.edu.my.