Drones in your warehouse

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are remotely piloted. This technology comes from military applications and is now moving to the civil space.


Drones in warehouses and distribution centre (DC) are useful for a variety of reasons:

  • Move quickly high value materials or expensive drugs to a secure area in a DC
  • Stock counting when all products are tagged with Radio-frequency Identification or by photo identification
  • Virtual stock inspection by the customer, eliminating the need for physical inspection visits in a DC
  • Checking of equipment by the DC operator, including at greater heights
  • Inspection and security of DC perimeters

There are also useful applications of drones in open yards and container yards:

  • Move quickly small materials to difficult areas in a yard
  • Inspection and security of yards and its perimeters
  • Accidents with dangerous goods container, where the container is heavily damaged. Before sending staff that might expose themselves to potential hazards, a first inspection can be done by a drone instead
  • With an alarm of a container with high value products, instead of sending staff you could send a drone first. This could prevent a confrontation with heavily armed criminals
  • Control and counting of containers


LBB advises organisations the feasibility and implementation of drone technology in their logistics operations. For more information, please contact our nearest office.