Digitalisation of your supply chain


E-commerce is a true game-changer, transforming supply chains from high level of standard service to customised service; from single channel to multi, cross or omni-channel configurations; and from low to high packaging density. E-commerce has also major impact on category and inventory management for brand owners, distributors and retailers, where a lot of money is currently lost as a result of inventory imbalances in the supply chains.

Companies need to relook at their logistics model and fulfilment networks. Are they still most effective and efficient organised?

E-commerce supply chains benefit by a digitalisation of their supply chain. Digitalisation means first of all paperless processes, which often sounds easier said that done. Digitalised supply chains apply modern technology such sensors, smart labels, robotics, cloud services and big data. Digitisation of the supply chain is essential for manufacturers striving to reduce costs, lead times, inventory levels and increase forecast accuracy.

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