Get it halal certified


Halal is large and fast growing market, not only covering food, but also cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fashion, and industrial products. Products can be halal certified by an independent Halal Certification Body (HCB). Next to physical products, services can be halal certified like restaurants, hotels, retail, distributors, and logistics.

Although Indonesia and Malaysia have been recognised as the oldest and most widely accepted halal standards, also other Muslim and non-Muslim countries have started with HCBs and the certification of a wide range of products and services. There are also international halal standards developed under OIC/SMIIC.

As the halal awareness of Muslim consumers is increasing and the Muslim voice more powerful through active Muslim communities, certification is a pure necessity when serving Muslim markets. In fact, food safety or product safety is as important as meeting halal requirements for Muslim markets. Hence, companies need a halal strategy when serving Muslim markets in order to protect their licence to operate and capture opportunities to lead and differentiate as a brand.

For the certification of your production, logistics, retail, HORECA, or supply chain, a so-called halal assurance system needs to be developed and implemented, similar to a quality management system. Halal is not only addressed within the four walls of your own operations, but has also implications for various supply chain partners. Amongst others attention needs to be paid to ingredient suppliers, distributors and logistics service providers.

LBB advises organisations in a halal strategy and the design of robust-effective-efficient halal assurance systems for production, logistics, retail, HORECA, and supply chains that meet tomorrow’s halal requirements. Amongst others, our halal experts have extensive experience with the Indonesian, Malaysian and OIC/SMIIC halal standards. For more information, please contact our nearest office.